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This is the home page for

An Unofficial Page of Rochester Police Officers

This domain ( is a way to contact Rochester Minnesota Police Officers who have signed up for this site.

We have also incorporated a Internet/Web based "Forum" system.

You may ask questions regarding anything. The opinions reflected in the answers may not be those of the administration.

Registered and verified Officer/Users may ask questions regarding policy

Opinions may be entered anonymously if desired.

Officers may contact the Sysadmin for a free e-mail account.
E-mail to from a city e-mail address (to prove identity)

E-mail on this system are NOT subject to 60 day retention issues, and are NOT part of the governmentally run e-mail system.



The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Rochester Police Department, Law Enforcement Labor Services, Rochester Police Benevolent Association, Sysadmin or any other users.
Posts of a purely offensive nature (as determined by the Sysadmins) may be deleted without notice, and the user may be subject to expulsion from the system.